How to earn extra for christmas

The holidays are just around the corner and I understand you might be brainstorming about how to earn extra cash for Christmas. We’re in September now, therefore there is still some time!

Below, I have created a listing of the best 25 ways I could think of to earn some additional money now. And when I say” extra money,” this is exactly what I mean. These thoughts likely won’t change your day job when you have one, but they need to be simple side earners to fit into your daily schedule.

If you need actual work at the home job before the holidays, you should check the work at home job leads page to see what companies are needing help at this time.

Different Ways to Earn Extra Cash For Christmas

1. Rewards Sites That Pay Fast

Benefits websites are very popular online today because they make it super easy to make a little extra.

The majority of them will give you redeemable points or money for doing things such as short jobs, printing vouchers, searching the web, playing games, offers, surveys, and some different things.

Here are a few I have employed and love that pays quickly:

Swagbucks — Pays generally within 5-10 days, often sooner. The Penny Hoarder includes a fantastic article you can check out with more info on how Swagbucks works. They’re the most famous and reputable site in this part, and I have used them for several years.
Prize Rebel — Pays instantly typically. You may redeem for cash, Paypal, and various gift cards.
InstaGC — If you redeem for the Amazon (or some other type) of the card, you can get it as soon as you redeem it. No waiting in any way.

2. Survey Panels That Pay Fast

Research panels are also good for scratching up occasional additional money. After you have registered with the under panels, you ought to have occasional questionnaire invitations into your email.

The panels below are famous for paying fast and they have reduced cash-out thresholds. This is ideal if you’re trying to earn extra cash for Christmas.

Pinecone Research — This is a very reputable company that’s been in existence for years. However, they may be pretty picky about who they take and are not always available to all demographics. They cover $3 per survey and you get paid typically within a couple of days once you have a survey.
Opinion Outpost — Most of the time you merely need to wait a few minutes to get your benefits from Opinion Outpost once you redeem. Also, the cash out is only $5 to Amazon codes and $10 for Paypal.
MySoapBox — You only need to get $2 in your account to begin requesting cards.

3. Speed Music and Get Paid

You can use Slice the Pie to earn extra cash for rating and writing brief reviews for new music. It is simple, but be careful to make sure that your reviews are extremely comprehensive and well-written.

You can redeem as long as you have $10 earned, and payouts are made on Tuesdays and Fridays with Paypal.

4. Install Qmee On Your Browser

Install Qmee in your Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera browser, and then simply sit back and use the net as you normally would. When you search for things on Google, Bing, Amazon, Qmee will occasionally pop up on your sidebar with some sponsored links.

Each time you visit a sponsor, you’ll earn anywhere from two to fifteen cents (most appear to pay around eight pennies ).

Qmee pays immediately when you cash out with no minimum required for redeeming.

5. Start Performing Usability Tests

You may get paid quickly for performing brief, 15-minute usability evaluations for businesses that want their websites evaluated.

This involves speaking into a mic from your computer and browsing around the websites you are assigned, saying what you like/don’t like about the usability of these websites you examine.

Most of these tests pay you around $10 to $12 each, and you are going to need to watch your email for invites to perform them.

Wish to combine even more consumer testing websites? I have a full list of site testing firms you may check out for more.

earn extra money for christmas
earn extra money for Christmas

6. Get Cash Back For Your Grocery Shopping

If you have a smartphone, you may download the Ibotta app and start earning money on several grocery store purchases.

Just check to find out what the featured products for the week are and just how much they pay if you purchase them. You will likely also have to answer a short survey or see a movie about the product.

Then, scan your grocery store receipt proving that you purchased the item(s) and Ibotta will pay you money. You can redeem your earnings at just $5, along with the money goes instantly into Paypal. Trust me this constitutes if you use it every single time you shop.

7. Start Taking

Use Amazon MTurk to get paid for doing brief jobs. They have all types of little odd jobs submitted, including data entry, surveys, transcription, and more. You just want $1 to request payment for your bank account or you can just use the sum to shop at Amazon.

8. Complete Tasks With Your Smartphone

There are some easy to use apps out now that it is possible to download and get paid for doing little odd jobs around your town. Case in point — shooting pics of screens in shops, answering surveys, evaluating your experience at different businesses. Kind of like mystery shopping.

Additionally, many of these apps will cover within just a day or 2 following your tasks are approved.

Some to try include Field Agent, Easy Shift, and GigWalk.

9. Trade Stuff In at Amazon

Were you aware you can trade on your electronics, books, videos, video games, audio, and iPhones to Amazon? And you don’t need to have purchased the product from Amazon initially to trade it in. Amazon will let you know the amount they’ll give for your stuff after you submit it.

Then, once you’ve shipped items to them (free), they will send you an Amazon gift card for this amount.

10. Sell Your Crafts & Handmade Items

If you’re crafty and you can make things that will sell, you can easily sell it online at Etsy. The excellent thing about Etsy is that, when your item sells, you get paid to Paypal. There is not any waiting for your money. Etsy does charge a very small listing fee per item.

11. Sell Your Smartphone Photos

Smartphones are becoming so advanced that many of them are effective at taking decent quality photos. So good in actuality, some sites will buy them from you!

If you’re a good smartphone photographer, you can post some of your pics up available at Foap or Scoopshot to list a few.

12. Have a Virtual Yard Sale on Facebook

Most cities have a digital yard sale group or page on Facebook where you can buy trade and sell things with individuals in the local area. This is a way to earn extra cash for Christmas if you have a lot of things you want to unload fast.

If nothing comes up, try the title of the neighboring city or even the title of the county.

13. Help Others Learn English

If you know English, you can earn money conversing online with other people that are attempting to learn it through a site called Cambly. You do not require any teaching experience, and you can work whenever you desire.

You will need a computer using a webcam or a smartphone with recording abilities to perform this.

They pay .17 a minute of talk time, and you’ll be able to get paid twice a month with Paypal.

If you have any experience in teaching or tutoring along with a level, VIPKid is just another option that I am hearing great things about from subscribers. They’re available to the US (except California) and Canada.

14. Do Some Ghostwriting

If you have at least average writing skills, there are a few sites you can apply online and get paid to do ghostwriting.

If you are not familiar with what ghostwriting is, it’s getting paid to write content for men and women who need it. You get paid, but you do not get credit for composing.

One popular website like this that tends to have lots of work and pays weekly is Textbroker.

15. Start a Home Business

If you have been tossing around the idea of starting a home business based around something you are skilled in, today would be a great time. You may Have the Ability to line up some clients between now and Christmas and begin getting paid for the services

More”Extra Money” Resources

First off, my sister has a site called Extra Cash & Rewards in which there are lots of reviews and lists posted for items like survey boards, smartphone programs that pay, product testing sites, and more.

That site has existed since 2011. There are a whole lot of articles, so you may discover some more thoughts there.

This is an active community full of people that want to find extra cash. These folks have not only good suggestions for getting it but also strategies for making those great ideas work. Many apps and websites I listed previously are cited there, along with hints for taking advantage of them. Take a look.

I genuinely hope this article has given you some ideas to earn extra cash for Christmas! Every little bit you can earn will help!

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