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How to get free target sample


If you do an Internet search for free Target samples, you will find dozens of sites sharing about ways to get free samples through Target’s Sample Spot page. Unfortunately, that program no longer exists, nevertheless, there are still a few different ways that you can get free samples and other stuff out of Target.

Free of charge samples are fantastic, but it’s great to receive free stuff that is more brag-worthy as well. The latest freebie I’m boasting about? A free $30 in cash I was able to use to my heart’s desire.

If you enjoy getting free samples and other things out of Target, keep reading. Below are five ways that you can receive free stuff — whether it be samples or only regular stuff in your favorite stores, including Target.

Ways to get free target sample

1. Get the Target Beauty Box or other Sample Box

Every month, Target provides a beauty box containing samples of several distinct types of beauty goods. Each month differs, but as I browsed the box at the time of the writing, there were samples of Mrs. Meyer’s body scrub, a shampoo sample, a few skincare items such as soap, and a mineral fortifier, a lip color sample and two different brands of cleansing masks.

Target occasionally offers sample boxes with infant items or wellness items too. I discovered that the sample box provides by going to the Target site and searching”samples”.

There were other sample boxes too that you could purchase at heavy discounts.

Be aware that the Target Sample Boxes Box usually price between $5.00 and $10.00 per month, presumably to cover shipping and handling costs.

2. Get Free Stuff With Your REDCard Debit Card

Target offers a debit card called the REDCard that will give you an immediately 5% off many Target buys. The REDCard debit card links right to your checking account so that you may spend without the probability of accumulating debt. If you keep tabs on the money you save by obtaining your reduction, you can use your savings to buy free stuff.

3. Get Free Baby Samples by Developing a Baby Registry

Among the benefits of registering for your baby at Target is they send a Welcome Kit for most expectant mothers that include free samples of baby and mom things.

The Welcome kit contains $50 value of coupons and samples for you to use for baby purchases and new mom items too. Your welcome kit could contain samples of some number of items such as baby lotions, wipes, diapers, formula samples, and much more.

To enroll for your infant at Target, you can go to any store location, or you may enroll online.

how to get free target sample
free target sample

4. Shop with Ibotta

I wrote recently about how I began shopping with Ibotta and got $20 in less than a week. Should you do a great deal of shopping at Target, I would highly suggest that you check out my Ibotta review, consider installing the Ibotta app, and checking their Target deals before you go shopping.

If you discover an offer in Target (or some of the additional 300 shops they give money back ) and redeem that offer for money back, your money balance with Ibotta grows. You can cash your entire balance via Paypal, or you could use your Paypal money to get a Target gift card and also get free stuff from Target that way.

I managed to make $30 in less than two weeks using Ibotta when I store.

5. Complete Surveys and other Tasks

Two of our favorite companies that will help you get gift cards from Target and other places are Survey Junkie and Swagbucks.

Survey Junkie pays for completing surveys. With over 5 million members, they must be doing something right. The process is straightforward: as you finish polls with these, Survey Junkie puts money into your account.

You may then cash that cash out through Paypal or get an instant gift card to Target (or many other shops ) to receive your free stuff. Survey Junkie allows members as young as 13 years old to register and start earning cash or gift cards.

The company has paid around $241 million in benefits so far, and in this writing, there’s a $10 sign up bonus for new associates.

Swagbucks will pay you for completing several simple tasks, for example:

  • Playing games
  • Viewing videos
  • Taking polls
  • Hunting the Internet
  • Shopping online

Just like Survey Junkie, you may collect cash or points for each task you complete. As soon as you’ve earned the minimum cash-out threshold it is possible to use your accumulated points to get a free Target gift card and go purchase free stuff. You are also able to get a PayPal deposit or purchase gift cards into other shops too.

It seems there are many folks frustrated by the discontinuation of the Target Sample Spot program, however, that does not mean you don’t have several other options for accessing free samples and other stuff from Target.

And Target is not the only company offering free things. A growing number of people are benefiting from the generosity of companies and using different methods to save cash and receive free stuff.

With all of the different ways to make free samples and other items, you are guaranteed to come across a couple that works well for you.

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