How to Sell Sewing Patterns Online

It’s come to my attention I’ve a number of people reading this website that are extremely crafty!

In case it sounds just like you and you happen to create your own patterns to the crafts you produce, today’s post may assist you. Below, I’m listing several places online where you are able to sell your exclusive patterns.

The excellent thing about promoting routines is that — in line with how you own your rights collection — you can sell precisely the same pattern over and over again. That means just doing the hard job once and then continued to reap the benefits over time.

Remember however you could probably charge more for patterns that are exclusive. Additionally, patterns can be shipped to buyers. This typically means no hassle of mailing and shipping for you and less waiting for the purchaser.

I did some research to find the very best choices online for promoting your routines and below is what I created.

Where to Sell Sewing Patterns Online

1. Etsy
Etsy is a site you are probably already quite comfortable with seeing as it is insanely popular. It’s a huge handmade/crafty marketplace at which you are able to sell patterns and virtually anything else that falls under the timeless or handmade group.

Etsy has fees, but they aren’t that steep. They charge 20 cents for every listing you post and also an additional 3.5 percent commission for each trade. You do not need to wait to get paid for you everything you market. The money goes right to a Paypal account as soon as a purchase has been made.

2. Craftsy

Craftsy is a highly popular website for crafters. You are able to take online crafting classes, buy craft materials, and also sell your personal patterns.

The excellent thing about using Craftsy for selling your patterns is they don’t require any fees nor do they require a commission as soon as your routine sells. This isn’t typical. You’ll notice that most other sites do take charges.

Payments are made to you via Paypal and you get the money whenever your routine is purchased.

Sell sewing pattern
Sell sewing pattern

3. You May Make This

You Can Make This includes an app for designers to make money sharing their expertise and strategies through their website.

You submit your thoughts for tasks and if it’s approved, you upload pics, sample documents, instructions, etc. and these may be purchased on their website. You Can Make This can be an additional website that needs 50 percent of your earnings later one of your job thoughts is sold.

4. PatternFish

This is a website for knitting, weaving, and crochet patterns. It is likely to market your routines here and earn approximately 60% of your purchase price.

5. Reader Mentions

This is a popular site with a huge number of users, so you’d definitely be getting your patterns facing folks when you signed up and posted them there.

I also got an email indicating that I incorporate DIY Crush for this listing. This is enormous sewing and craft design marketplace with free projects, patterns, tutorials, craft data, pattern reviews, and fun giveaways. You’ll definitely want to check this one out!

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