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How to open a old age home

Running a good home can be a really rewarding business opportunity, however, it includes a hefty dose of duty and hard work. On the following pages, we will look at nursing home startup expenses, how you can make a profit, dealing with regulation, and selecting the right staff.

Things to know before opening an old age home

  • Where should an Old Age Home be located?

An Old Age Home should have a serene, pollution-free environment and all other basic necessities just as any cozy housing project.
It could be located in a rural or urban setting depending on the type of people anticipated to reside in it. When some people may like quiet idyllic surroundings, others might prefer an urban area where they have rapid access to facilities in town.

  • How should an Old Age Home be designed?

Old Age Homes can be the dormitory type, independent cottages or rooms based on the social and economic status of those who will live in the houses.

Open old age home
Open old age home

The rooms must be well-ventilated.
Just as possible all facilities at the home should be at the ground floor level. If upper floors have to be built then a sloping ramp needs to be provided which would also facilitate simple passage of wheel seat when required.
The toilets and bathrooms should have rough floors so the elders don’t slide. Suitable railings should be supplied for support.
An area should be set apart where ill people needing short-term treatment could be placed.
Recreation rooms and rooms for medical care ought to be built.

  • Who would be the people needed to work in an Old Age Home?

A home for the aged will need an administrator who will be responsible for the running of the home.
Supporting staff such as clerks, cashier cum accountant, nursing employees, attenders, maids and a cook will be the basic required employees for the efficient running of an old age home.
A medical officer is going to be needed to attend to the health needs of their offenders. If the home is very near a hospital where crises can be treated then, it may be enough to avail the services of a Doctor, that works there part-time.
A nutritionist may play an important role by providing special attention to the nutritional requirements of the residents. At least a part-time nutritionist should be appointed.
A professionally qualified social worker is an essential member of the group of personnel.
Wherever possible nursing employees and health care workers trained in Geriatric care should be appointed.

Open old age home
Open old age home
  • What are the requirements for medical care in this kind of institution?

All medications and healthcare accessories that may be required for the treatment of these residents should be saved according to the advice of a senior physician. For eg: Oxygen cylinders, suction devices, and intra-venous sets should be readily available. Medicines should be replaced occasionally, considering their expiry date. Transport facilities should be accessible if there is a need to hurry them into the hospital for intensive maintenance.

  • Which are the other facilities that could be supplied in an Old Age Home?

Recreational and studying facilities such as Televisions, video players, newspapers, and books should be accessible. Based upon the area of the physical activity of the resident’s other facilities for active sports like tennis, table tennis, squash can be provided. Depending on the need billiards and card tables and other entertainment facilities can be provided.
In today’s circumstance computers with internet connections are more a requirement than an option especially to receive and send e-mail to the near & dear. The capability to browse the net will allow the residents to become more educated and emotionally active.

  • What could be the involvement of the residents in the functioning of the home?

The residents should be invited to take part in the day to day actions of the house that are anything from cooking to maintaining the cleanliness of the house. They could also periodically organize celebrations of various festivals and social occasions.

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