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Scholarships for Pilot Training and Other Aviation Careers

There is no doubt about it, flight instruction is pricey. A private pilot certificate alone will probably cost from $12,000 to $20,000, depending on a number of factors, such as location, quality of education, and how quickly you finish your training.

Prospective pilots and people pursuing other aviation-related careers can lower their out-of-pocket prices by obtaining scholarships. Regardless of what type of job that you’re interested in receiving or the way you plan to get ready for it, there is likely a scholarship accessible for you.

Types of Scholarships for Pilot Training and Other Aviation Careers

  • Scholarships for Non-Collegiate Pilot Training

AOPA: The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association provides four Kinds of scholarships for its members:
AOPA High School Flight Training Scholarships are awarded to 80 high school students in the total amount of $10,000 each. This scholarship is to be utilized for expenditures incurred in the pursuit of the main pilot certificate–possibly a private, sport, or even recreational pilot certificate.

AOPA Teacher Flight Training Scholarships are awarded to as many as 20 teachers who are full-time workers of a school or school system that prepares students for aviation-related professions. The scholarship is worth $10,000 and is to be utilized to pursue the main pilot certificate.
AOPA Primary Flight Training Scholarships are awarded in amounts of $2,500-$7,500 each to AOPA members that are at least 16 years old. The scholarship can be applied following the main pilot certification.
AOPA Advanced Rating Scholarships are given in amounts of $3,000-$10,000 each to AOPA members that will apply them toward attaining the following evaluations or certificates: tool, commercial, certified flight instructor, certified flight instructor–tool, or multi-engine instructor.

Scholarships for Pilot Training and Other Aviation Careers
Scholarships for Pilot Training and Other Aviation Careers

Flight Training Scholarships should be put toward flight training and provide awards of at least $5,000 each.
Post-Secondary Scholarships are for school students who would like to follow a career in aviation and are also awarded in amounts of at least $5,000 each.

Women in Aviation International: This nonprofit organization provides the biggest number of scholarships for both men and women in aviation. Scholarships pertain to a lot of different aviation-related careers, such as motor maintenance and flight education. Applicants must be a part of WAI, and a few scholarships are available only to women applicants.

  • Scholarships for Collegiate Flight Training Programs

Aviation Distributors and Manufacturers Association: ADMA offers a scholarship for either a third-year student registered in a four-year program at an accredited institution with a major in aviation management or a professional pilot program or a first-year pupil in aviation and also piloting a program at a licensed two-year association. So long as receivers continue to meet with the eligibility conditions, the scholarships are supposed to be given for a couple of years. ADMA also offers a scholarship to an aviation educational institution that focuses on youth education. The institution may be a summertime or summer program.

NBAA: The National Business Aviation Association Charities program awards more than $100,000 from tuition-reimbursement scholarships to students pursuing careers in business aviation and an almost equal quantity of money to people who already have business aviation careers to pursue additional schooling or training.

Scholarships for Pilot Training and Other Aviation Careers
Scholarships for Pilot Training and Other Aviation Careers

Women in Aviation International: as well as non-collegiate awards, WAI also has many scholarships for students in a university flight training regime. Some scholarships have been applied toward tuition, and a few can be used for flight fees. Much like the non-collegiate programs, some scholarships are open to women and men and some are available only to girls.

  • Scholarships for Minorities

National Gay Pilots Association: This organization that advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) addition in aviation delivers many different scholarships with different criteria. The scholarships are offered to pilots of any sexual orientation or gender identity, but applicants have to be part of the NGPA and be able to show their support and advocacy for the LGBT community.

The 99s: The 99s is an international society of women pilots who obtained its name in 1930 following the number of charter members in the group. The organization’s Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship Fund offers five distinct scholarships:
The Flight Training Scholarship supplies up to $20,000 to cover a pilot training program, certificate, rating, or type rating.
The Academic Scholarship provides as much as $10,000 annually for a college degree–from associate’s to doctorate–related to aviation or aerospace.
The Technical Training Scholarship provides as much as $20,000 toward conclusion of an aviation or aerospace technical training or certification course.
The Vicki Cruse Memorial Scholarship for Emergency Maneuver Training covers the whole cost of a program of spin and emergency maneuver training which includes some schooling in aerobatics.
The Kitty Houghton Memorial Scholarship provides capital for flight instruction or schooling in an aviation-related area of study to a girl from a country with an emerging market. Applicants might not be out of a state that belongs to the Group of Twenty.
The requirements for each of the scholarships vary, but applicants for the initial 3 scholarships have to have been part of The 99s for at least one year as of January 1 of the scholarship year.

Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals: The OBAP offers hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships each year to be used for tuition for an aviation-related school program or further aviation-related instruction for aspiring aerospace professionals.

Women in Aviation International: For women in the aviation business, WAI is the best spot to go for student money.

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