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Places to Sell Textbooks for the Most Money

How to Sell Textbooks for the Most Money

I was extremely cost-conscious when I used to school. My parents weren’t going to pay for everything, so I needed to apply to schools I knew I could manage.

I understood the cost of tuition and the price of on-campus housing could be costly. However, I was not ready for the price of textbooks. I couldn’t think I’d spend countless dollars on books each semester — almost up to my meal program.

When you are paying so much for textbooks, you want to get as much cash back for them as you can. That is why understanding the best places to sell textbooks is so crucial.

If you’re taking out student loans to cover everything, each dollar you get back is a dollar you don’t have to borrow.

Greatest Places to Sell Used Textbooks Online

With so many distinct sites that sell books on line, you are searching for the ones that offer the lowest deals.

1. BookScouter

BookScouter is an aggregate site. You type in the ISBN number and rather than getting one fixed cost, you receive a variety of prices from more than 30 different buy-back sites. BookScouter is a good place to see what your choices are before choosing where to market your used textbooks.

Based upon the book’s popularity, you might not receive offers from all 30 sites. In the minimum, it’s a good starting point.

2. Decluttr

You download the app, use the program’s scanner to automatically scan the bar code, and await their price. Should you agree on the cost, you’ll accept the offer and print out a pre-paid mailing label.

You must email the items in and after Decluttr receives them you’ll be paid. If the items aren’t at the condition you explained, you might be paid less.

Places to Sell Textbooks for the Most Money
Places to Sell Textbooks for the Most Money

3. Bookbyte

Bookbyte functions similarly to other websites where you are able to sell your old books on the web. Input the book’s ISBN number, see how much Bookbyte offers, and then accept or decline the offer. Should you accept it, you’ll find a prepaid shipping label. You have to mail the novels within seven calendar days for the offer to be legitimate.

Once the books reach Bookbyte, you will get paid via PayPal or check.

4. Cash4Books

Cash4Books functions like other websites where you can sell used books. Clients input the book’s ISBN number, receive the offer, accept it, and print out a prepaid label to ship in their books. Payments are made via PayPal or test.

The website mostly takes school textbooks, so high school students should look elsewhere if they’re trying to resell books. According to the website, Cash4Books mostly takes textbooks published in 2016 or after. For those who have older novels, consider using a different website.

They have a list of the 500 most popular titles so that you can see what they pay for high-demand books.

5. BooksRun

BooksRun is another website where you can sell your textbooks back. Sellers input the ISBN number, select the condition of the book, and then check out to print their tag. You could even download the Android or iPhone program to scan the barcode, which can be easier than entering the ISBN number manually.

You will get paid over four days after the book has been processed, and you’ll be able to pick between PayPal or test.

6. ValoreBooks

ValoreBooks has the exact same book purchasing and selling version as its competitors. Type in the ISBN number, see the purchase price, take it, and print out a prepaid delivery tag. ValoreBooks has a minimum $15 order, so you may have to sell multiple textbooks to meet it.

The website will evaluate the books whenever they get them. If your book is damaged in any way, you might have the offer rescinded.

7. BookFinder

You can see which site offers the most cash and then click on to their link to sell your book.

This website doesn’t appear to include as many shops as BookScouter, so check there first.

8. TextbookRush

TextbookRush can be found on the web or as an iPhone app. As with other sites, you enter the ISBN number, view the offer, and ship it using a pre-paid shipping label.

How to Sell Textbooks for the Most Money
How to Sell Textbooks for the Most Money

Offers are valid for 20 days, and customers can choose to get paid via direct cash deposit or PayPal. A vital difference between TextbookRush along with other websites is that you can choose to get paid via shop credit. This can earn you an extra 5% more compared to other payment choices.

If you’re likely to require books for another semester, choose store credit to acquire more income.

9. Student 2 Student

Student 2 Student is a different kind of textbook buyback site. Rather than sending your books through a site and getting paid through them, you record your books and market them to actual pupils near you. You’ll market the books to other people from the faculty and meet on or around campus to exchange the book and payment.

This is sometimes a fantastic alternative if you don’t have the ability to send in books or have specific books that other textbook sites aren’t searching for.

10. Textbook Buyer

Textbook Buyer is a website where you can only sell novels. It’s not clear what they do with the novels since you can’t buy books on the site.

Textbook Buyer pays all shipping expenses. Payment is only available via test, but the website claims it sends out checks whenever the books are obtained. Books have to be in very good shape. If they are not, you might have the cost adjusted when it arrives or it might be discarded without charge made for you.

11. Barnes & Noble

Book merchant Barnes & Noble appears to have a more rigorous book buyback policy. Two popular names were not on their existing buyback list. You must also market at least $10 worth of books for each total order.

Payment can be found via check or PayPal and can take between one to two weeks after receiving the dispatch.

12. eCampus

Why is eCampus distinct is that sellers can list their novels and set their own rates. If you have a book and want to get the maximum money for it, then you can set it on eCampus for the price that you want.

Campos takes a 15% commission off each book sold and supplies a partial charge for shipping.

Check Multiple Sources Before Selling Your Used Textbooks

Comparing costs is an important life skill to learn, especially when it comes to handling your own money. Getting as much cash back as possible for your publications is a good place to start practicing this skill.

You might need to sell your publications at different sites and shops to find the most money possible. This can be a frustrating experience, especially if you procrastinate. The longer you wait to sell your publications, the more outdated they’ll be and the less cash you’ll get for them. To maximize how much you return, try selling them when the semester is over.

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