How to become virtual guide for vayable

Regardless, I just recommend sites I have researched and/or trust and used. Are you seeking a very different sort of work-at-home job? Are you enthusiastic about sharing your knowledge and experience with other people? Are you prepared to create great travel experiences as a digital tour guide? If so, Vayable might be the opportunity you have been hunting for.

What is Vayable?

Vayable is an online business where”insiders” generate online guided tours for extra money.

Most of the people who sign up with Vayable would be those with an active internet presence or who are those well-known throughout their city or city for a specific gift or experience. These folks are what Vayable refers to as Insiders, which is their word for a virtual tour guide.

Founded in The New York Times, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, CBS News, and Fast Company Magazine–Vayable continues to produce new and different perspectives of a number of the best-known cities in the world.

This perspective or experience could be obtained via a Smartphone video and reveal not only the landmarks of this city but also its culture. Videos of street art, restaurant tours, live festivals, and folk dance are a few of the many ways that Vayable Insiders creates unique experiences for travel lovers.

Even writers, poets, painters, historians, travel agents, avid kayakers, and taxi drivers can chime in with their own professional or personal perspective of a tourist place.

Vayable believes in”outside-the-box” tourist encounters and will even book the whole trip for the tourist. And needless to say, you can share your video with these tourists anytime during their trip or even soon-to-be trip.

Vayable is also working together with you, the digital tour guide, to help curate and organize the travel and activities for the tourists. Your function will nearly be a virtual tour guide/travel adviser at that point since you could be asked about restaurants or other area attractions.

What Do Virtual Tour Guides Do?

Every Insider on Vayable is expected to:

Make a dedication to delivering high-quality experiences to every traveler.
Prioritize safety and security.
Be enthusiastic, personable, and reliable.
To put it differently, you as a virtual tour guide would not wish to be more”so adventurous” which you recommend something such as a swim, dive or jump that could be potentially dangerous to a tourist.

Once you enroll and agree to the terms and conditions, you’ll have the ability to produce a profile for yourself. Many of the guided tours are featured in blogs and press, so this could be a fantastic way to acquire notoriety.

How to become virtual guide for vayable
How to become a virtual guide for                                  vayable

Vayable will be providing you with the tools you will have to grow your business. You will be given:

  • A means to create and keep your program.
  • An arsenal of marketing materials to grow your Vayable business.
  • A website for learning and sharing.
  • A dash to handle your Vayable reservations.
  • Free marketing is done by Vayable.

What Are the Special Requirements and Computer Prerequisites to Sign Up at Vayable?

There are no special requirements other than to become passionate and knowledgeable about how you want to present your excursion.

You can be an experienced professional or a knowledgeable neighborhood ready to introduce your location. To be accepted in the Vayable Insider community, you’ll need to have your identity and email verified and perform a video meeting to keep the community safe.

As far as computer requirements, there aren’t any. Only an updated laptop or PC with anti-malware and anti-virus installed.

Then, of course, you’ll need a Smartphone or iPhone to snap pictures or perform your video files. Most of what you may do can be done with your only your cell phone.

How much Money Can You Make a Virtual Tour Guide in Vayable?

That will depend upon you and your ratings. You do possess the flexibility to set your prices, and there are tips to help you determine your rate.

Later on, you might also need to look at becoming a virtual ambassador and assist more with the offline excursion rather than just the tour.

I couldn’t find any reviews on the tour guide position itself, but I did find two tourists on Yelp posting their experiences on a tour of San Francisco. You may read it for yourself.

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