Ways to Make Money Searching the Web

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I’d rent, books, sorority dues, and a good deal of other items to cover. A few weeks into my freshman season, a woman who lived in my dorm told me she made extra cash by surfing the web.

I thought she was kidding until she took her out MacBook and introduced me to Swagbucks. Though I had a jam-packed schedule, I used Swagbucks to surf the net and finish other easy tasks in my spare time.

If you’re a college student, stay-at-home mom, or anybody else attempting to make a little extra money, you can get paid to search the web. All you need is a computer and a trusted internet connection.

5 Best Websites that Pay You to Browse the Net

You will find an assortment of sites that pay you to surf the net and use the net as you usually would. They all have their own needs, salvation schedules, and guidelines to follow.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a rewards and loyalty program that has existed since 2008. You can make points or”SBs” when you use Swagbucks Search, a Yahoo-powered search engine optimization. Add the browser extension in Google Chrome to be sure that you never miss an opportunity to make money.

SBS are given randomly, so you don’t get paid every time you search. Whenever you earn an SB, a notification will pop up and you’ll click”claim.” If you want to make more money via Swagbucks, you can watch movies, answer surveys, and shop online too.

  • How points work: 100 SBs equal roughly $1.00
  • Money out minimum: 160 SBs or $1 to get an Amazon gift card
  • Payment options: You can redeem your SBs for PayPal money or gift cards to Amazon, Target, and thousands of other retailers.
  • Daily earning limit: Unclear
  • Sign-up incentive: 1,000 SBs or $10 (terms and conditions apply)

2. InboxDollars

Founded in 2000, InboxDollars has paid over $59 million in rewards for its members. You can make money if you use its search engineInboxDollars Search, instead. Every time you complete four web searches, your”Scratch & Win bar” will start to fill up.

When it is full, you can unlock scratch cards which are like lottery cards. InboxDollars will also let you watch movies, take surveys, read emails, print vouchers, and play games.

  • How scratch cards work: even though you can win scratch cards that are worth $10 to $100, most of them are valued between a few cents to $0.25.
  • Payment choices: Once you meet the $30 money out the minimum, you can get paid via check in the mail, Visa prepaid card, or an electronic gift card to a retailer of your choice.
  • Daily earning limitation: Unclear
  • Sign-up bonus: Earn $5 to activating your account

3. iRazoo

IRazoo is an internet reward and cash-back site. Since 2007, it has paid users to search the net, take polls, watch movies, and enter promo codes. If you set your browser’s default search engine to the iRazoo Engine, powered by Yahoo, you can acquire iRazoo Points whenever you search the internet.

Each time you create an exceptional search, you’ll get the opportunity to earn between 1 and 25 iRazoo Points. The points will appear randomly on your screen and you will want to click a button to claim them.

  • How points work: 3,000 iRazoo Points equals $5.
  • Money out minimal: 3,000 iRazoo Points
  • Payment options: Your points are good for PayPal cash or gift cards to places like Amazon and Home Depot.
  • Daily earning limitation: 25 iRazoo Points daily
  • Sign-up bonus: 100 iRazoo Points

4. Qmee

Launched in 2012, Qmee is a free program that partners with pros and cons members when they take surveys, store, and search online. You can download the Qmee browser program and make money as you search on Google, Yahoo, and Amazon.

If you find a search result that matches your interest, click on it to get the accessible reward. You’ll find the same search results you would see if you did not use Qmee, such as a few extras which cover to look in Qmee’s search results. Typically, your benefit will be a few pennies each.

  • How rewards operate: Gains are revealed by dollar amount. By way of example, you may find a $0.07 reward once you click on a search result.
  • Cash-out minimal: None.
  • Daily earning limitation: None. It is possible to earn as much as you want.
  • Sign-up bonus: None.

5. Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards, previously called Bing Rewards, was set in 2010 to invite people to utilize the Bing research engine. To be a Level 1 member, you can register for a Microsoft accounts and keep signed in to start earning.

To make even more rewards, utilize the Microsoft Edge Browser on your phone or computer to search with Bing. If you do, then you are going to grow to be a Level 2 member and will claim up to 600 points per month. To get the points, click”redeem” once you view them on your screen.

  • How points operate: Earn up to 5 points for every single search.
  • Money out minimal: The reward you choose (gift card, sweepstakes entry, or donation) will determine how much you want to cash out.
  • Payment choices: You can use your points for gift cards, sweepstakes entries, and contributions to nonprofits.
  • Daily earning limit: Grade 1 participants: 5 points every day, 150 points per month; Grade 2 participants: 20 points every day, 600 points each month.
  • Sign-up incentive: None

These tasks may require more time and commitment than just using a search engine, but they permit you to earn more money all around.

searching online making money
searching online making money

4 More Ways to Earn Money by Surfing Websites

1. Download Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Nielsen is a research company that collects market and consumer information. If you download the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel app, you’ll earn rewards for your internet searches. Nielsen will monitor your internet usage and share it with businesses that use the information to make new products and services or improve their present ones.

They will capture things like which sites you visit and how long you stay on these websites. When you collect points throughout the program, you can redeem them for gift cards to places like Amazon and Starbucks. You’ll want to make 800 points to cash out for a $5 gift card.

2. Become a Search Engine Evaluator

Search engines are always searching for ways to improve, which explains why they employ Search Engine Evaluators. As a Search Engine Evaluator, you can earn $12 per hour or more to check search engine results for both quality and relevancy. You’ll provide the individual touch search engines need to detect flaws that calculations can not yet catch by themselves.

Before you get hired, you’ll probably have to pass an examination or interview that shows you understand how search engines work.

3. Search and Evaluation Websites

Bookmarking sites are more important now than ever. If a website is difficult to navigate, users will depart quickly and might never return. That is why companies will pay you to hunt and test websites. You will visit a website and offer valuable feedback so that it could be improved for ease of use. pays $10 to $15 for brief, 20-minute site testimonials. Before they hire you, you will want to finish a sample evaluation. When you’re on board, you will get actual, paying chances.

4. Use Websites to Research

Firms pay sites like to hire research assistants that can find answers to detailed questions.

You’ll want to have a test, which will include a sample question that you reply to, to apply for a research assistant position. As soon as you get hired, you will receive access to your database with tips, a list of tools, and suggestions about how you should approach different topics.

Pay depends upon the intricacy of the question, among other factors. Based on Wonder, researchers can make $15 to $25 per hour depending on the sorts of jobs they choose and how fast they work. Payments are processed every two weeks and sent via PayPal.

3 Tips to Maximize Your Earnings

Most of the sites that cover your web searches reward you with only a couple of pennies per hunt. At that rate, it may take some time to see any real earnings. Here are a few ways to increase your earning potential:

  • Sign up with multiple websites: The more websites you register for, the more you will earn. You may begin with one and finally, use three or four. Jot down the websites you choose so that you don’t forget about one and attempt to rotate between all of them.
  • Set your default search engine to Bing: When you set Bing as your default search engine and register for Microsoft Rewards, you can earn up to 5 points for every single lookup. That way you will not ever overlook easy rewards.
  • Try to make the most of your everyday searches: whenever you have a query or need to study something, be sure to utilize one of your preferred websites. It’s easy to overlook and use your go-to search engine, but then you miss out on some easy cash. That’s why it can help to set your default search engine to these new sites and bookmark the others.
There Are Better Earning Options

Searching the web is not the answer if you’d like to earn a full-time or part-time earnings. However, it can be a great way to earn some spare change with little effort. This is particularly true when you devote lots of time to doing research or surfing the web anyway.

It can take a while to accumulate enough rewards or points to redeem a gift card or cash. After the day, there are far better ways to make money from the house.

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